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"From dogs to dresses,

my mom can make almost

anything from balloons."

If interested in Balloon Shows or Balloon Fashion, please click the links below. You may find info for all other services on this page.

Please visit the Educational Programs page for more information on balloon shows and school assemblies.

Please visit the Couture Fashion page for more information on balloon dresses and fashion.

If you need balloon twisting for 500 guests or you just need one balloon sculpture for that special someone... Miss Aimee the Balloon Lady is here to help! In addition to hourly and daily rate packages for balloon twisting, she also offers balloon deliveries for all ocassions, fun & interactive balloon shows, and balloon workshops where kids ages 8 & up learn to make their own balloon creations. Details for each service are listed below...

Special Events...

Miss Aimee has many hours of experience working at fairs, carnivals, grand openings, and other events with large crowds. When she is at an event with large crowds she will work very hard to provide quality sculptures while keeping the line moving at a reasonable will never be stuck with just dogs and swords when Miss Aimee works your event!

...and of course Balloon Twisting for birthday parties, grand openings, holiday events, company picnics, wedding receptions, reunions, fundraisers, festivals, trade shows, carnivals, school and daycare events, libraries, churches, scout groups & MORE!

Proudly Serving the Greater DFW (Dallas / Fort Worth) and Waco Areas

Available for school assemblies and library shows throughout Texas

(Additional travel fee may apply for some locations)

 Travel outside of TX only available on limited basis as schedule allows.

~ Weddings ~

Miss Aimee is DFW's premier wedding twister offering elegant fun for ages 3 to 103+! Available for rehearsal dinners and/or wedding receptions. Wedding repertoire includes all of the classic balloon designs you are used to seeing plus special designs such as corsages & headbands to match the wedding colors, long stem roses, fancy hats & MORE! These balloons will often be embellished with feathers, LED lights or rhinestones for an added "WOW".

Balloon Deliveries...

Balloon deliveries are great for ANY occasion!! Birthdays, Over the Hill, Anniversary, weddings, Congrats, Get Well, baby showers, hospital deliveries & SO much more! Special requests are always welcome, or if you are not sure what you want I can reccommend something appropriate for the occasion. Rates for balloon deliveries vary depending on the number of balloons used and the detail of the sculpture. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation price quote.


Why should you have Miss Aimee the Balloon Lady at YOUR restaurant? Well, there's the fact that she is professional yet really fun; she also has lots of experience & has twisted balloons in many other restaurants including Applebee's, Chili's, On the Border, Chick-Fil-A, Susannah's, Cici's Pizza & Taco Cabana; and having her will guarantee your customers will leave with big smiles - just like the customers in the pics above! But, just in case this isn't reason enough, keep reading below to find out some proven facts on how having a balloon twister has helped other restaurants...

 Having a balloon twister come into your restaurant can help your business in many ways:

- By entertaining customers who are waiting, so they don't decide to leave

- By offering customers a more unique and pleasant experience than they will find in other restaurants

- By attracting repeat customers

- By making your establishment a more fun and festive atmosphere

- By offering you FREE advertisement on our website & Social Media sites

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or would like to schedule a free trial night to personally see Miss Aimee in action at your restaurant

Art with a Twist Balloon Workshops...

Great for After-School programs, Art Classrooms, Scouts, Youth Groups, Homeschool Groups & MORE!

Art with a Twist is a hands-on workshop that lasts approximately 2 hrs & will introduce kids ages 8 & up (and adults too!) to the art of balloon twisting by teaching them the most common types of twists, as well as techniques that encourage the use of fine motor skills and creativity. At the end of the workshop they will have several wonderful sculptures that they can take home to keep (or give to a friend or loved one if they choose). Kids love learning new skills and balloon twisting is not only fun, it's also very rewarding as it gives them a sense of accomplishment knowing that they created these sculptures by themselves!


I will bring lots ( literally HUNDREDS!) of pre-inflated balloons and begin by teaching the class how to make a simple "three loop dog". Once they have learned the basic dog, then we'll discuss how to use the same technique to make other animals. We'll also learn how to make swords, flowers, fun hats, hearts, fishing poles and more as time allows. They'll also learn how to properly inflate and tie the balloons as well as the difference between loop twists, fold twists, pinch twists, etc. The amount of balloons each child ends up with at the end of the workshop will depend on their age, ability to follow directions and size of the group. Each child should be able to create atleast 3 creations to take home, but it's possible they could learn as many as 4, 6 or even more. In smaller groups or groups with fast learners we will use the last half of the class to learn balloon magic, have contests &/or play games with props made from balloons. In large groups or groups with younger children, it may be neccessary to use the full 2hrs as instruction time...but don't worry, since it's a hands-on, interactive class your kids are guaranteed to still have a ton of fun!

About our Balloons...

We use only professional quality 100% latex balloons. Latex balloons are Earth friendly and will biodegrade about as fast as an oak leaf.

**Balloon sculptures are not recommended for children under 3 years old. Any child under 8 years old can choke or suffocate on uninflated balloons. Please supervise your child at all times and be sure to discard any broken or popped balloon pieces immediately. Although we want children to have fun, we also want them to be SAFE!