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"From dogs to dresses,

my mom can make almost

anything from balloons."

Not only was Aimee entertaining, but her show was very educational. During her program, she incorporated not only specifics about the art of balloon twisting, but lessons of love, friendship, and forgiveness through her storytelling that with kids can’t be emphasized enough! I highly recommend Miss Aimee for all daycare centers or families with young children!

Lisa P. - Daycare Owner

I liked the interaction Miss Aimee had with the children. The show was very entertaining and educational as well. The children loved it and so did the parents.

Pam M. ~ Burkburnett Library

Absolutely splendid show!

I liked the high level of science instruction that was never boring -- well paced, kept the children interested and involved. The performance was entertaining and informative, the perfect mix of performance and instruction!

Richard V. ~ W. Harrison Public Library, Greenville, TX

The How to Catch a Mouse balloon show was engaging and fun for a wide range of ages. I loved how lots of kids were able to be involved in the building of the mouse trap...the children had a blast!

Becky P. ~ Burleson Public Library

Your performance for our Family Science Day was fabulous. I knew that your show would be fantastic after your teaser at the November performers' exhibition in the Mid-Cities, but there is nothing like being in front of a live audience to truly showcase a performer's talent.

You built such a great rapport with our kids and your ability to make science accessible to such a vast range in ages is so impressive. Thank you for being part of our summer and helping us give our youngest patrons a life-long love of science and learning. Best wishes for the rest of this year and next.

Gwendolyn D. ~ Weatherford Public Library

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Educational Programs...

School Assemblies, Libraries, Daycares & Churches

With a background in Special Education & Early Childhood Education, Miss Aimee understands the importance of keeping children engaged in order to keep them interested in learning. You can rest assured knowing that every show Miss Aimee performs is interactive and involves audience participation! Every show also includes giant, intricate balloon creations...and let's be honest, kids of all ages are mesmerized by balloon art, so Miss Aimee is sure to hold their attention through the entire show.

Your audience will be amazed as they watch ordinary balloons be transformed into works of art by a multi-award winning balloon artist. The children become the stars of the show as they're invited up on stage to help act out skits, stories & songs. All costumes & props are made entirely from twisted balloons & all shows are educational with an emphasis on topics such as literacy, science, fitness & moral values.

Miss Aimee offers several shows to choose from & provides a NEW show every summer to match the upcoming Collaborative Summer Reading Program (CSRP) theme at local Texas libraries!

Please read the descriptions below to learn more about each program:

2021 Summer Reading Program

For Summer Reading Program 2021, we will only be offering balloon twisting workshops. We look forward to returning to our storytelling balloon shows again in 2022! 

~ Once Upon a Time ~

2020 Summer Reading Program

Once Upon a Time - 2020 Summer Reading Program

The Once Upon a Time balloon show was created to collaborate with the CTLS 2020 Summer Reading Program theme, "Imagine Your Story". This program combines storytelling, comedy, improv and balloon twisting to provide a unique, one-of-a-kind program that will leave your audience rolling with laughter and eager to check out more books. The Once Upon a Time show is both educational and entertaining - it's the perfect combination of learning and laughing!

Children will watch as classic fairy tales are brought to life with the help of audience volunteers, who help act out the stories using costumes and props made entirely from twisted balloons. Throughout the show Miss Aimee will use comedy and audience participation to teach the children about the 5 elements of a story (plot, character, setting, theme, conflict). For the grand finale, the audience will get to put those 5 elements into action as they work together as a team to help Miss Aimee create their own story. With lots of interaction, improv and audience participation - this grand finale is bound to be a hilarious story you won't want to miss!

Want to have even more fun?

We can turn this balloon show into a Pajama Party & invite children to wear their favorite PJ's!

What can you expect?

Miss Aimee has been educating and entertaining children for over 20 years. She continues to still attend training programs throughout the year to further improve her skills, so she can be sure to provide you with the best experience possible. She can take even the youngest audience from loud, hysterical laughter and cheering to calm, quiet and attentive within seconds...and then back to laughing and cheering again! For your peace of mind, Miss Aimee is happy to provide you with a copy of her insurance and fill out background checks upon request.

All of Aimee's shows are completely self-contained. She will bring her own sound system, stage backdrop, extension cords and table. The ONLY thing you have to provide is access to an electrical outlet & a group of kids who are excited to have some fun!

How can you save money?

1) Book more than 1 program on the same date & save $25 off per program!

In addition to storytelling shows, Miss Aimee also offers hands-on balloon twisting workshops for ages 8 to adult. These are VERY popular for teen programs!! To learn more about workshops click here BalloonTwistingWorkshops

2) Contact other libraries in your area to share your date/time with you. When sharing a date with another library in the same area, you BOTH save on travel fees!

Miss Aimee is located halfway between Fort Worth & Waco, but travels and performs at Summer Reading Programs all over Texas including the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, Hillsboro, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Tyler, Marshall & Wichita Falls to name a few. Aimee is also available to perform in Oklahoma and Louisiana as well as anywhere in the US on a limited basis as availability allows. If you are wanting to book a tour outside of Texas, it is recommended to contact Aimee as soon as possible.

How to Catch a Mouse

Science, Art & Math like you've NEVER seen before! Children learn about simple machines & help build a larger-than-life mousetrap from balloons.

Best for K - 5th Click for more info..

Fun 2B Fit

Children will learn the importance of staying healthy and will be shown that getting fit CAN be FUN!! 

All Ages

Click for more info...

What's YOUR Superpower?

During this award-winning show your audience will discover that everyone has some sort of 'superpower' inside them & are encouraged to use their superpowers to make a positive difference in their homes, schools & communities. 

All Ages

Click for more info...

Adventures in Space

Miss Aimee's Adventures in Space balloon show will take your students on an 'out of this world' adventure as we use our imaginations to embark on a journey into space. This fun-filled show includes storytelling, comedy, lots of audience participation and a whole galaxy full of fun balloon creations! Audience volunteers will become the stars of the show as they are invited up on stage to use balloon costumes and props while we explore the mysteries of the universe together. 

All Ages

Click for more info...

Boogie with Balloons

Originally designed to collaborate with Summer Reading Program 2018!!

Introducing kids of all ages to the science of sound!

This music themed show uses balloons in various sizes and shapes to demonstrate how vibrations create sound, explore high & low frequencies & so much more! 

All Ages

Click for more info...

Art with a TWIST


This is an exciting, hands on workshop that introduces school aged children - adults to the art of balloon twisting. This program encourages the use of fine motor skills & creativity while teaching kids the techniques needed to twist their own balloon creations!

Ages 6 - adult

(Great for Teens!)

Click for more info...

Miss Aimee's Amazing Balloon Show

This variety show has it all! History, Math, shapes, comedy magic, storytelling, music & MORE! As always, this show uses twisted balloons as costumes & props & includes lots of audience participation.

Pre-K - 6th

Click for more info...

Miss Aimee's Amazing Balloon Show, TOO

This show includes all of the same great fun as Miss Aimee's Amazing Balloon show, but was designed with shorter stories & familiar songs specifically for younger audiences. This show runs approx. 30 mins

Best for Toddler/ Preschool Ages

Click for more info...

Fizz, Boom, POP!

Educational + Entertaining = The Perfect Mixture!

Hands-on science experiments demonstrated with a variety of colorful balloons. Children will watch with amazement as we explore fizzy phenomenons, exciting experiments and captivating chemical reactions. (This show focuses on experiments with balloons & is the only show that does not include storytelling or twisted balloon sculptures)

Pre-K - 5th

Click for more info...