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"From dogs to dresses,

my mom can make almost

anything from balloons."

How to Catch a Mouse...

Simple Machines at Work

How to Catch a Mouse is a stage show combining math, science and art which has entertained hundreds of audiences across multiple states. Balloons are used to construct a Rube Goldberg-style mousetrap intended to solve the problem of a mouse on the loose. Many student volunteers are used to aid in the construction of this working machine. Student knowledge of how machines work and their eagerness to set their trap in motion make this an enjoyable show for everyone involved!

This show lasts approx 45 mins to 1 hour and can be adjusted to fit the needs of both school assemblies and public library programs.

School Assemblies

Curriculum Connections:

* Science - The lever, wheel, pulley, inclined plane and screw are basic units used to construct all larger machines. By working with a unique medium (balloons), students learn that these machines can be made out of most anything and will see uses for them that are not always obvious.

* Math - Students are encouraged to build problem solving skills by trying to work out ways of using the basic machines to construct a working mousetrap.

* Art - An unusual form of art is demonstrated to open the minds of students to thinking differently. Art is combined with science as students are invited to use the balloon pieces in reconstructing the mousetrap after the show. In addition, many students create their own mousetraps or design their own unique machine creations in their classrooms or at home. 


Summer Reading Program "Build a Better Future"

The Texas Summer Reading Program theme for 2017 was "Build a Better Future". The How to Catch a Mouse show received such a high positive response that Miss Aimee has continued booking this show in libraries even after 2017!

This program will show your young patrons each simple machine & teach them HOW each machine works. The grand finale will feature 6 audience volunteers helping construct "the world's coolest mousetrap" using each of the simple machines they learned about throughout the show. 

The mousetrap in action...

Children learning about levers

A real working pulley