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"From dogs to dresses,

my mom can make almost

anything from balloons."

What's YOUR Superpower?

Award Winning Show!

Students are often mesmerized by Miss Aimee's balloon twisting skills, but many are not aware of all of things she tried (and failed miserably at) before she finally found her calling in balloon art. In this character development show, Miss Aimee shares her own personal testimony of these challenges and failures in a light-hearted way that will leave students rolling with laughter. She will take children along on an adventure as she shares stories about fictional heroes as well as the real life heroes we have all around us in our community. As always, the children will be the stars of the show as volunteers are selected to come on stage and help act out these hilarious stories. By the end of the show the audience will learn how to use their failures as opportunities to grow stronger, that they each have their OWN unique superpowers & will learn ways to use those superpowers for good in their homes, schools and community.

This show is available for both secular and church events. During church events, there will be a focus on the gospel and relevant scriptures will be added in.