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"From dogs to dresses,

my mom can make almost

anything from balloons."

Are you looking to display your message in a BIG way?

Then our Yard Art designs are just what you need!


Tell us who and what you're celebrating, and we'll surprise your loved one with a colorful display that will delight family and friends... and maybe make the neighbors a tiny bit jealous. 

Why Choose Us?

Here at Miss Aimee's Balloons/The Yard Art Family, we are more than just "another yard card company". We are visual storytellers, and your yard is our blank canvas. We are committed to providing an excellent customer experience, sharing our services with local schools and non-profits, and giving back to our community as often as possible.

When you choose to hire us for your yard art design, you will never be treated like just another number. We will listen to find out exactly what story you wish to tell, and will use our previous design experience to bring your story to life.

We can design your yard display with traditional yard card signs, with custom balloon art, or a combination of both!

The Yard Art Family is truly a family endeavor. Elvis has over 20 years of experience in business management, has a passion for listening to clients' needs and a knack for problem solving. He is the one who handles a lot of our "Behind the Scenes" work. Aimee has over 20 years of experience as a professional balloon artist, which helps her to create designs that are artistic & visually appealing. Our 2 teen sons help with taking down displays and making sure the inventory stays clean & in good quality condition. Our 10 year old daughter is the team motivator and encourages the rest of the family to work hard and never stop smiling. She is also very artistic & organized, so she helps keep inventory sorted and helps mom with the design process.  


* All Yard Card greeting prices are for a 24 hour rental period and include delivery, set up and return to pick up. Any balloon displays are yours to keep!

Flash Greeting - $75

A "Flash" greeting is one large sign that spells out your message. For example, instead of 13 individual letters that spell out Happy Birthday, you would get one sign that has the words "Happy Birthday" Printed on it.

This option includes the Flash sign, Name, Age and accent pieces.

* Flashes are currently available in limited quantities for Birthday and Anniversary

Compact HBD Greeting - $75

Perfect for small yards! Compact greetings include letters H B D, 1 name and 1 age with basic accents.

Standard Greeting - $85

This greeting includes individual letters to spell out Happy Birthday (or other standard one phrase message of your choice), Name, Age and multiple accent pieces

(Messages that are more than one phrase, or that use a lot of letters, may require additional fee)

Graduation Greetings - $95

Include Congrats, 1 name, hobby/interest of your choice and keepsake sign with graduation year on it

Custom or Exclusive Greeting - $95+

Custom greetings can include longer phrase (such as "Happy Birthday, We Love You!" ), unique themes that aren't typically in stock, or designs that are custom to your school or business (such as school mascots!) Please keep in mind that we can not offer designs that include copyrighted characters. However, we can do our best to choose designs that accent and compliment your theme. We can create ANY custom idea you have, with minimum 3 weeks notice.

Balloon Party Pole - $45

Party Poles stand approximately 5 feet tall. Price includes installation.

Balloon Marquees:

Single Digit Basic: $85

Double Digit Basic: $95 

Deluxe Organic Marquees: $150+ 

For more info or to request yard art, please visit our other site at The Yard Art Family.